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We provide solutions for almost every web issue and approach our clients with dedication and answers designed specifically to match their needs.

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AWS Cloud Consulting

From single instances to complex infrastructure - we can answer your questions and give any guidance you need, whether you need a fully managed service or an ad-hoc help.

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DevOps Consulting

Whether you have only just heard of it or are already practising it - we can explain the idea, implement it within your team and escort you along the way. We work with variety of tools to provide automation solutions matching your needs.

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Web Security Consulting

Our team consists of certified security experts, who can ensure your infrastructure is safe and stays safe. Regular reviews of development standards and processes are crucial and are something we can make painless.

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Deploying AWS GuardDuty with CloudFormation for Master and Member accounts

AWS GuardDuty analyses various events happening on your AWS account and can notify you when suspicious activity takes place. Right now, GuardDuty is specific to a region and needs to be enabled in each region you want to monitor (though AWS recommends you enable it in all regions to ensure global actions are monitored). Going […]

Don’t panic! False-positives from GuardDuty and Network Load Balancer (NLB)

If you’re keeping in touch with new services provided by AWS, you probably heard about new security monitoring tool: GuardDuty. You probably also noticed a whole new family of Elastic Load Balancers (v2), which includes Network Load Balancers (NLB). Deploying those two new services may generate some unexpected results – and here’s why.

Need help with Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Thinking of moving into the Cloud or already in it, but have some questions? We are happy to help! No question is too big or too small – we can offer help extending, modifying, auditing and optimising costs of your AWS operations. Whether you have a one-off problem, or need ongoing support, get in touch […]


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