What’s broken when deploying Lambda and API Gateway via CloudFormation

AWS Lambda and API Gateway are becoming synonymous with “serverless infrastructure” and getting more and more popular. To deploy them in repeatable way, one of the tools I recommend is CloudFormation. There are many ways you can define your API and your Lambda, but when connecting the two with CloudFormation there’s usually something that many people miss, and only notice when {"message": "Internal server error"} is thrown from their API Gateway endpoint.

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Using Troposphere to create CloudFormation stack template

If you’ve ever wrote AWS CloudFormation template, you probably know that it can be a daunting task. Luckily, it can be much easier, if you use Python’s library “Troposphere”.

Troposphere let’s you create Python objects in place of CloudFormation elements, does some basic validation of your input and generates the JSON template for CloudFormation for you. It is much easier and cleaner to use that writing JSON templates manually.

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